Last year i got a very different mathematical book as a gift. A comic novel from Doxiadis, Papadimitriou and Papadatos: Logicomix. It is easy to read and provides some insight of the mathematical quest in the area of logic of the last century. You’ll meet people like Bertrand Russel, David Hilbert, Gödel and many more outstanding persons. Some work results of the main actors are presented in that way that is accessible for a wide audience – according to the rules used in popular science media. So even mathematical illiterate persons may enjoy the comic and due to the very nice illustrations i think even kids could enjoy it. The “showdown” is Gödel’s incompleteness theorem and i enjoyed the way the result was presented. The authors admit at the end of the book that the storyline is only loosely based on historical facts but actually this doesn’t reduce the value of the novel. Reading this comic was a nice way to relax during a cold winter’s day. Give it a try !